During the past 3 years several global educational projects were launched. During 4 weeks teachers and students focus on a few UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Students have to explore, create, brainstorm, discuss, present and share their findings. Teachers are only allowed to guide their students and point them in the right direction. The projects are based on authentic and collaborative learning approaches.
The students share their findings via presentations and videos to be published on a website. This way students can learn about global issues directly from their peers in other countries. Non of our projects are funded.
The past projects were covered by media across 6 continents and supported by many public figures.

What's better than learning about global issues directly from students living in those countries?

As Michael Soskil stated: "Students need global learning experiences. It's hard to change the world when you don't know much about it."

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Climate Action project
Human Differences project
Wai Water project